GSMC Music Awards

GSMC Music Awards

The GSMC Awards was set up to highlight some of the great to highlight the great artists who have performed at our shows throughout the year , categories include Best Band (Original)Best Band (Cover / Tribute)Best Solo Artist(Female)Best Solo Artist (Male) , Best NewcomerInstrumental Musician of the YearBest Trio / Duo , Showcase Artist of the Year & Best Album.

GSMC Music Awards 2017 - Nominations


Best Band (Original)  Spriggan Mist

Runners up - Final Clause of Tacitus - The Salts

Best Solo Artist (Female) - Penny Jayne Black

Runners up - Rebecca Jayne - Corinne West

Best Solo Artist (Male) - Mark T

Runners Up - Paul Carella - James Parkin

Best Duo/ Trio – Tomorrow Bird

Runners Up - Dragonfly Sky - Tudor Lodge

Instrumental Artist of the Year – Dale Harris

Runners Up - Byron Johnstone - Andy Moir

Best Newcomer – Lauren Walton

Runners Up - Edward Naysmith - Henry Fricker

Best Band (Cover /Tribute)– The Cream of Hendrix

Runners Up - The Filthy Llamas - Stanley Dee

Best Album 2017 –  Penny Jayne Black - ' Penny Jayne Black'

Runners up - Spriggan Mist 'The Portal' - John Cee Stannard 'to the river' 

Showcase Artist of the Year – Gary Millard

Runners Up- Rocket Kings- Toxic Sofa

Nominations – Best Band (Original)

The Salts, Spriggan Mist, The Final Clause of Tacitus, Oragami Heart, All Things Considered, Sugarman Sam & the Voodoo Men, Louder Still, Blue Touch, Icicle Tree, Kinfolk, Steve Summers Band, Savour the Flavour

Nominations - Best Solo Artist (Female) 

 Corinne West , Katy Hurt , Penny Jane Black, Shantell Ogden, Sally Strawberry, Vicki Sayers, Emma Jane Kennedy, Lucina, Celia Barrett, Rebecca Jayne , Fleur Stevenson , Irene Rae

Nominations - Best Solo Artist (Male)

 John Otway, Keith James, Owen Paul, Paul Carella, Mark Harrison, Daniel Nestlerode, James Parkin, Mark T, BR James, Matt Stockl, Michael Tuffery, Rick Foot, Zach Johnson

Nominations - Best Duo/ Trio

The Black Feathers, John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon, Tudor Lodge, Dragonfly Sky, Beware this Boy, The Broadside Boys, Days Are Done, Bright Shadows, Crayon Angels, Tomorrow Bird

Nominations - Instrumental Artist of the Year

Dale Harris, Rory Evans, Ben Waters & Tom Waters, Amrit Sond, Byron Johnston, Damian Clarke, Andy Prince, Tom Gamble, Andy Quin, Andy Moir, Spencer Brooks, Steve Savory .

Nominations – Best Newcomer

Edward Naysmith , Amya-Ray, The Paperwaits, Adam Giles Levy , Lauren Walton, Philco Dekker, Henry Fricker, Beth Keeping, The Amazing Tiger Band, Bahama House, Ted Robinson, C'nergi, Logan Cannon

Nominations – Best Band (Cover / Tribute)

Apache Kites, Cream of Hendrix, Evolution , Hidden Agenda, R’n’Beatles, Soul Direction, Stanley Dee, The Fabulous Duck Brothers, The Filthy Llamas, The Garfunkels

Nominations – Best Album 2017

Penny Jayne Black – Penny Jayne Black , Tom Gamble – Groove & Reflection,Keith James – Tenderness Claws, Daniel Nestlerode – Almost Home James Parkin – My Cure, Spriggan Mist – The Portal, John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon – To The River

Nominations – Showcase Artist of the Year

Anne-Marie Gilliet, The Capo Thieves, James Brady, Frank Lacey, Toxic Sofa, Abi Powell, Gary Millard, Matt Bond, Ian Rayney, Bernard Hoskin, Simon Williams, Andrew Darling, Rocket Kings, Dandy Man, Robert Buttrick, Lady Bank, Ian Freedman, Richard Lee, 2 Tanium, Neil Wells, Dan Kozlik, Wolf Note, Ivor Game, Rob Beckinsale, Steve Cox, Horizon, The Fox Hillbillies, Colin Bailey, Robin Devany, Strings Attached, Steve Donnelly, Fishwives Fancy, Paul Wilson, Oliver Young, Rick Sinfield, Paul Player, Chris Burton, Ted Robinson, Boyd, Stuart Tester & Mike Baker, Finch, Alec Hone, Kent Neilson, Alfie Griffin



GSMC  Music Awards 2016 - Winners

Best Band (Original) – The Salts
Runners up All Things Considered – Steve Summers Band

Congratulations to The Salts on winning Best Band (Original) in the GSMC Awards “The Salts have developed their own unique sound mixing well written original compositions alongside traditional tunes we all know and love, their live shows are guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along and their debut album ‘She Rises’ has received rave reviews across the board “.
Best Solo Artist (Female) – Corinne West
Runners up – Irene Rae – Emma Jane Kennedy

Congratulations to Corinne West on winning Best Solo Artist (Female) in the GSMC Awards – “ Corinne West is a world class performer and songwriter who is constantly expanding and developing themselves as a creative artist, GSMC are honoured to be associated with Corinne West and excited about the forthcoming UK Tour.
Best Solo Artist (Male) – Paul Carella
Runners up – Nick Tann – Robert Lane

Congratulations to Paul Carella on winning Best Solo Artist (Male) in the GSMC Awards – “ GSMC has had the privilege of booking Paul Carella for a few years now and it has been a delight to see him grow and develop as a creative artist and to see him build such a large fan base. We look forward to working with him again in June, if not before! “
Best Duo/ Trio – The Black Feathers
Runners up – The Willow Band – John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon

Congratulations to The Black Feathers on winning Best Duo / Trio in the GSMC Awards – “ The Black Feathers are a superb duo who have performed at a number of GSMC events since we formed, their live shows are always top quality and moving , their debut album ‘Soaked to the Bone’ has received rave reviews across the board. “
Best Album – Corinne West ‘ Starlight Highway’
Runners up – John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon ‘ Stone Cold Sober’ – Beware this Boy ‘ Life’

Congratulations to Corinne West on winning Best Album in the GSMC Awards for ‘Starlight Highway’– “Starlight Highway by Corinne West was released in the UK in 2016 to rave reviews, it is a stunning album which invokes a distinctive unique sound that transports you to a whole new place and dimension, with exceptional songwriting and musicianship highlighted by Corinne’s outstanding vocal range. “
Instrumental Artist of the Year – Dale Harris
Runners up – Rory Evans – Spencer Brooks

Congratulations to Dale Harris on winning Instrumental Artist of the Year in the GSMC Awards.– “ Dale Harris is an exceptionally talented guitarist and well as being a great entertainer and although he specialises in Classical & Flamenco styles he is equally adept in Country , Jazz and Rock, do take a look at his website”
Best Newcomer – Zach Johnson
Runners up – Vicki Sayers – BR James

Congratulations to Zach Johnson on winning Best Newcomer in the GSMC Awards.– “Zach Johnson is a Berkshire based singer songwriter who has just released his debut EP ” The Last Days of June”. Zach is an exciting new talent who writes great songs and has an engaging stage presence.
Best Band (Cover / Tribute) – Hidden Agenda
Runners up – Oye Santana – The Garfunkels

Congratulations to Hidden Agenda on winning Best Band (Cover / Tribute) in the GSMC Awards.– “Hidden Agenda are an excellent six piece party/function band who have performed at festivals and venues throughout the UK including famously the Hammersmith Apollo where they headlined. Performing all your favourite dance tunes, this band are guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing.”
Showcase Artist of the Year – Wolf Note
Runner up – Carly Sheen – Morrison

Congratulations to Wolf Note on winning Showcase Artist of the Year in the GSMC Awards.– “Wolf Note are a quartet from Berkshire featuring vocals, guitar, cello, violin and cajon creating a unique sound and performing original compositions as and well selected cover versions of popular songs .”

2015 - Winners

The first GSMC Music Awards took place in December 2015 with seven categories including Best Band (Original), Best Band (Covers / Tribute), Solo Performer (Female), Solo Performer (Male), Best Duo/ Trio, Best Instrumentalist and Emerging Talent. All nominees came from artists who performed at GSMC events in 2015.

Best Band (Original) - Alexandra Legouix & the Sunflowers

Excellent Berkshire based five piece band featuring the sultry vocals of Alexandra Legouix backed by guitar, bass, saxophone, cajon and accordion creating a latin / jazz / swing /reggae flavoured arrangements with catchy memorable songs that you will be singing for days.

Best Band ( Cover / Tribute ) - Hidden Agenda

With a huge set list of classic soul and disco tracks from the 60s, 70s and 80s and a high energy seven-piece band of accomplished musicians fronted by two outstanding female vocalists, it's no wonder that Hidden Agenda has been filling dance floors at weddings, private functions, festivals and clubs from their first performance in 2009.

Best Solo Performer (Female) - Caddy Cooper

Deemed 'one of the finest songwriters in the land’ (Express FM), Caddy’s ‘natural, un-rushed and all together beautiful'  vocals (For the Country Record), ‘infectious charm’ (Blues in Britain Magazine) and Little Martin guitar have been travelling worldwide, winning hearts and soothing souls with Caddy’s iconic breed of storytelling.

Best Performer (Male) - Nick Tann

Likened to a mixture of John Mayer and Counting Crows with generous helpings of John Martyn and Elvis Costello with a Jeff Buckley chaser, Nick’s music is unexpected – it can be powerful and edgy but also soulful and tender.

Best Instrumentalist – Amrit Sond

Grammy Award Winning guitarist  Amrit Sond has graced the same billing as some of the world’s most renowned Guitarists on the scene today: Dominic Miller (Sting), Hugh Burns (George Michael), Ronnie Johnson (Van Morrison, Leo Sawyer).

Best Duo / Trio – Loreley

As a young duo from Reading only forming at the rear end of 2014, Loreley have already made waves in their local folk music scene. From releasing their debut EP in March 2015, to playing alongside nationally reknowned artists at the Artree Folk Festival, Simon and Maddy's modern arrangements of traditional songs are sure to excite and delight.

Emerging Artist – Knight & Tuffery

Knight and Tuffery are a two piece acoustic band who perform a range of traditional, contemporary and self penned songs. Featuring Rik Knight and Micheal Tuffery who between them have performed at venues festivals and folk clubs throughout the South of England.