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                    For over 30 years Graham Steel has been promoting events at venues and festivals as well as working with artists to help raise their profile. The GSMC can offer a wide range of promotional tools to cater for your individual needs, be it a whole programme of activities, a one off event or a festival, including writing press releases, social media sites, contacting local and national media,  designing posters and programmes, we can work closely with you to make sure that your activity is as widely advertised as possible within your budget. We can also provide individual press packs for bands and musicians, as well has promote albums, singles and videos  to help get you music across as effectively as possible.

GSMC offer one to one consultancy for musicians and bands, which will focus on where the artist is now and where ideally they would like to be and help to build a strategy, offer advice and suggestions on how to get gigs , build profile and help where possible. For more information on this please contact us at or tel 07985359654 to discuss further.


The Salts - The Salts are a co-operative of seasoned musicians, creating what is fast becoming one of the most exciting and energetic folk concepts of recent times. Individually The Salts, fronted by twice BBC Young Folk Finalist Lee Collinson-James, have circumnavigated the Commonwealth with tours of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Singapore and Hong Kong.

John Cee Stannard - John Cee Stannard formed Blues Horizon featuring Mike Baker, guitar, and Howard Birchmore, harmonica after launching “The Doob Doo Album” and have been playing together since Their first gig at the Henley Jazz & Blues festival in November 2013.Their first album as a trio was “Bus Depot Blues” followed by ”Stone Cold Sober” which was launched in August 2015. New album released September 2017. 

The Steve Summers Band - The Steve Summers’ Band's musical philosophy is well summed up by the title of their critically acclaimed first album Lookin’ Back, Movin’ on, which points to a great respect and love of the blues, but exposes other influences in the strong original song-writing. With the music rooted firmly in the blues-rock tradition, the band fits well into the genre following in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa , New album out now 

Kinfolk - Celtic Country Folk band Kinfolk featuring Brian McDaid & Gerry Power have recently released their second album Long Time Gone following rave reviews for their debut album. Kinfolk are available for concerts, festivals, live sessions, radio and media interviews throughout the UK.

Rebecca Jayne - Rebecca Jayne is a 20 year old singer-songwriter who's style is a mix of country, folk and easy listening. She recently returned from performing a short, but critically acclaimed tour in Nashville and has since been recording her EP set for release in summer of 2016.

Blue Touch - Never shy to break away from the formulaic or cliché, Blue Touch are less about a Texas shuffle or waking up this morning and more about getting out, having a good time and enjoying what you do. They have been in existence in a number of guises since 2001 but this line up the one that brings together all the elements needed to ensure they maintain their reputation as one of the top live acts on the blues circuit playing at many festivals and clubs over the years.

Sally Strawberry - Sally Strawberry’s excellent new single ‘ Merry Go Round’ is available now along with darkly compelling animated video which was a year in the making. Sally's earliest pro work was a session with popular dance act Saint Etienne in the 1990s. Later she collaborated with ambient music duo Surge. Most recently Sally has revisited acting after taking time to concentrate on her singing career and quickly found she has a wide appeal for TV and film. All of which demonstrates diverse looks, characters and performance based talents that Sally can carry off convincingly.

Beware this Boy - Oxford based folk/ rock band Beware this Boy are constantly evolving. There never has been a master plan. The band has just grown on a ‘one step at a time,’ basis. Sometime in around 2011 Simon Meakin cobbled together the song Bedtime Story, shared it with Stewart Manley and David Shepherd and the rest as they say is the bands history. What began as a ‘it would be fun to try to write some songs’ exercise seemed to take on a life of its own and Sue, Stewart, Simon and David hung on for the ride. Since then Beware this Boy has appeared across London and the south east of England making in the region of 100 performances, from pubs to festivals and many venues in between including the Oxford O2. They have made several live radio appearances and early in 2016 they released their first album – LIFE.

BR James - Talented soul craftsman BR James has been hailed by many as the John Legend of UK; with his soulful vocals, energetic performance and melodic piano playing, BR James will bring you the perfect music day/night. “I make and play music for the people”e said BR James. From music pluggers to radio presenters and producers, the industry has a lot of good things to say about BR James. Join BR at a venue near you for his summer tour full details at

Keith James - Keith has become one of the most active and inventive concert artists currently performing in the UK. A very accomplished sound man with a BBC Maida Vale background, he worked for more than a decade as a record producer (1991 – 2004), working on Albums with many of this Country’s profoundly talented musicians and writers. Realising his definite preference for live performance and following a detailed study, 2001 witnessed Keith begin a UK wide tour of concerts based entirely on his love of the songwriter, Nick Drake. As Nick’s music had never been heard live by today’s music audience these concerts soon became a huge success; over the course of 15 years, Keith has played over 2000 of these shows; in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Italy and France, all of Nick’ Colleges and almost every British acoustic music festival including Glastonbury. He is towards the final stages of a brand new Album, all settings of Poetry to music including work by Jack Kerouac, Pete Brown (1960s British beat poet) William Blake, Allen Ginsberg, Federico Garcia Lorca and some of Keith’s own. This time, and rather unplanned, he has teamed up with the amazing producer / sound artist, Branwen Munn.

Damian Clarke - Damian Clarke has just released his third solo CD his solo concerts are played on the beautiful hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy,  along with unaccompanied songs that he encourages audiences to sing along to.  He often performs at community events where he introduces audiences to these rare and delightful instruments. Damian is also known for his performances with the influential rock-folk band Pressgang which he founded in 1986. Since then he has toured in over 12 countries, made 8 albums, and played everywhere from television to theatres, from festivals to street fairs.

Louder Still - Louder Still are a young Rock band formed in 2016 but forged from love of the great British rock giants. Their songs have amazing melodies, searing vocals, heart-stopping riffs and all based on the granite foundations of an incredible pulsating rhythm section. Louder Still have somehow pulled off a neat trick in making the music sound 21st century and vital.

Daniel Nestlerode -Daniel Nestlerode is a singer and songwriter who writes and performs principally on mandolin. Born in Pennsylvania, seasoned in California, Daniel is now based in Cambridge, UK and has built a reputation for excellent vocal ability and history soaked original songs.

The Black Feathers - The ability to write songs that are both modern and ancient is a rare thing. The product of an arcane art of weaving in traditional influences so thoroughly that they become the warp and weft of fresh creations. The Black Feathers, made up of Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler, are two such talents. They first became aware of the magic between them while collaborating on several musical projects, becoming The Black Feathers and life partners in 2012.Americana, Folk, and Acoustic Indie Rock sensibilities coexist comfortably in their musical world, with Hughes’ guitar work buoying the kind of harmonies often only heard in family bands.

C'nergi - The thunderous clapping of tropical storms, , the screaming chants of jubilant tribals,  the melodies of the human heart and such inspire C'nergi, to exorcise the noisein his head as healing for the soul. Experience the sounds that will not leave you the same, as C'nergi shares his noise.

Spriggan Mist - One of the most popular and hard working bands around no one can really describe the music of Spriggan Mist. Based on old tales, spiritual pathways, dreams and reality they drift from folky floating tunes with guitar and low D whistles to a guitar driven rock song with energy to make you jump. With their love of all things Steam Punk they have a joyous element which brings in to play The Polyphemus Air Ship and of course their amazing dancing Spriggan, Sebastian. Their long awaited fifth album The Portal is out now and has been receiving rave reviews.

Flutatious - Flutatious are a feisty, celtic, psy-folk, prog band blending soaring melodic flute, flying fiddle, spacey guitars and groovy beats! They have built up an incredible reputation with their live performances and self produced albums and are constantly in demand at festivals around the country.

Sandy McLelland - His new album ‘Cross the Line’ is unashamedly rooted in the American country, blues, folk and soul music he absorbed in his early days in Glasgow. Often full and vibrant, sometimes achingly bare and personal, Sandy is capable and comfortable across many, diverse, musical styles, always with a highly personal core.

Choro Bandido - Choro Bandido is a Surrey based four piece band, initially brought together through friendship and their mutual love of Brazilian samba. Between them they have a wealth of musical experience in many styles and are now entertaining audiences with Choro, and other music from Latin America and beyond.

Ajay Srivastav -Ajay is a London based singer songwriter who plays a genre-bending mix of Indian Folk, Blues and Americana with lyrics that explore issues of identity, loss and spirituality. In an age of cultural division and societal conflict, his performances have been described as passionate, healing and uplifting.

Tomorrow Bird - Tomorrow Bird is a British acoustic duo comprising of solo artist Jen Bird and Simon Driscoll from the folk- rock band, Burnt Tomorrow.  Drawing influences from bands such as The Civil Wars, their haunting melodies and heart-felt lyrics have transfixed audiences and marked them out as a band to watch! 

Marc Woosnam - Marc Woosnam is a Berkshire based acoustic solo singer / songwriter, his musical roots stem from the Seattle grunge scene and branch out to blues, rock, and folk to give him a unique sound in modern music. A musician for over 25 years, Marc has played on various stages in bands and has recently started performing as a solo artist in his own right, drawing on his life experiences to produce music of love & loss, of good times & bad, creating compelling melodies with powerful vocals and relatable lyrics.

Services include:-

  1. Creating marketing plan

  2. Writing press releases

  3. Putting together press packs for bands

  4. Promoting albums, EP’s & Singles

  5. Raising the profile of your venues

  6. poster and flyer design

  7. Plugging music through radio stations and social media

  8. Social Media campaigns 

If you are interested in any of the above, contact us for more details